Optimisation & automation

How does your cloud become cutting edge?

If you’ve reached this stage in the journey, then you’re already running a significant proportion of your infrastructure in the cloud. Perhaps you’ve got multiple cloud platforms running simultaneously? Here cloud orchestration is key. With the right tools and automated processes, your cloud environment can go from standard to supercharged.

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Want to automate your ambitions?

Your cloud is in place and delivering, now’s the time to automate. Imagine the benefits of a cloud environment that automatically adjusts to maintain high performance, shuts down unused resources to maximise costs efficiency, and scales up to deal with unexpected usage using pre-defined limits.

A cloud environment that thinks like you do, but reacts without being told to. Life is good in the cloud.

Automate my cloud


How IAXS can help

Combining expert management with bleeding-edge tools for a super-charged cloud

Maybe you’ve found that running all of your key services in the cloud is actually quite challenging. You’ve had to learn new technologies and adapt your processes, and suddenly it’s more difficult to stay on top of everything. The on-demand subscription model is very flexible, but sometimes controlling your costs can be difficult. Administering and migrating workloads across multiple platforms is complex and time-consuming, and performance isn’t always as good as you expect it to be.

Our cutting-edge cloud orchestration toolset helps organisation who want to improve the performance, reliability and efficiency of their existing cloud environments, by automating day-to-day workload management, optimising application performance based on real-time analytics, and allowing IT teams to re-focus their efforts on more valuable activities such as strategic planning, transformation projects, and improving the end user experience.

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Complete visibility and control over all platforms, from a single pane of glass

Whilst the concept of running IT services across multiple platforms may seem attractive, many feel that advantages of doing so (such as greater flexibility and resiliency) are outweighed by the increased complexity and management overhead.

Orchestration technologies are now enabling businesses to manage multiple cloud environments from a single pane of glass, by increasing visibility, optimising workloads, automating provisioning, and controlling spend. Investing in a cutting-edge toolset from IAXS gives IT teams the ability to respond quicker, to drive innovation, and to deliver greater value for money.

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Super-charged application performance made simple

Analysing application performance is complicated and most IT organisations don’t have the time or expertise to do it properly. Using that information to understand the root cause of performance issues can be equally tricky, so how do you find time to do all this, as well as actually rectifying the issues?

Our sophisticated toolset will automate the process of identifying potential bottlenecks or wasted resources across your multiple platforms, and through our best practice methodology we can identify ways to optimise your performance and right-size your estate. This will deliver immediate improvements and is guaranteed to save you money.

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Put your IT on autopilot and stop worrying about managing your workloads

A significant proportion of IT staff time is wasted performing basic administrative tasks to ensure that IT keeps running smoothly. IAXS is now offering a tool that will automate these simple processes, improving performance and significantly reducing the possibility of downtime by proactively managing your workloads.

By putting your IT infrastructure on autopilot, you can free up your IT resources to focus on activities that will deliver greater value to your organisation, including looking after your end users, or finally getting round to that project that keeps getting delayed.

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A cloud with intelligence, that works to your rules

Provisioning new servers, applications or resources has traditionally been a time-consuming exercise. There are numerous considerations, including standards, capacity, security, and availability; a level of complexity that requires rigid change control processes…until now.

IAXS has a modern toolset that streamlines system administration, by enabling IT teams to pre-define key criteria such as availability SLAs, resourcing and compliance, which in turn provides a framework in which the tools can automate the provisioning processes. This can even be extended to end-users via a self-service portal, so IT doesn’t even have to be involved in the process.

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